Breaking Point Reached!
So I’m Sitting Here….

At my doctors waiting for my doctor to come in. The other day at work while the nurse was checking my blood pressure and listening to my heart ( routine now since I’m training for a half marathon) she heard that my heart beat was pausing. She didn’t seem too alarmed by it or maybe she didn’t want to alarm me but, nonetheless here I am, sitting and waiting for my doctor.


Ok so I just did the random number generator and 99 lands on Fitnessbyjune! I will send you a message in just a minute! Congratulations and thank you to everyone for participating!

Anonymous asked: Who won the give away?


Hey there! I will be announcing the winner in just in couple of minutes. I apologize for the delay. I work third shift so I just woke up. Stay tuned.

Good Morning!

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing? Hope this little message finds you well! I just signed up for the Blogilates community and if you haven’ signed up for it yet, you have to! It’s a great place to connect with other popsters! If you’re already registered let’s be friends! You can friend me, my username is: IBelieveInMe84